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A Tribute To My Father: An extraordinary ‘Ordinary’ man

Jason Kirruti Ole Sein

Jason Kirruti          Ole Sein

It was 9 years ago today that I lost my father – the most amazing father a girl could ever have! Thinking about it now is a stark reminder that we are all here for a very limited time and our loved ones will miss us oh so dearly when we are gone.

I miss everything about my father.

Born from very humble beginnings, my father rose to greatness through education and hard work. He was a quiet, humble man of incredible patience and discipline. So disciplined was he that it was synonymous with his name, and his work ethic was second to none. From him I learned the value of hard work.

An educated man and a voracious reader, my father encouraged us to pursue an education, a higher education. He made sacrifices to ensure our lives were enriched and we lived a better life than he did.

Jason Kirruti Ole Sein

Jason Kirruti Ole Sein

Throughout his life, my father was very active in various non-profit organizations, and happily shared his many skills giving back to the community. He saw nothing extraordinary in his years of giving a helping hand. I proudly see his legacy on a daily basis when strangers come up and tell me what he did to help them.

I miss his humility, his work ethic and his honesty.

But I know he lives on through the characteristics I see in my nephews and nieces.

You were a great man, Jason Kirruti Ole Sein – Missed but never forgotten!

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05. April 2014 by Rarin
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