A Tribute To My Father: An extraordinary ‘Ordinary’ man

Jason Kirruti Ole Sein
Jason Kirruti          Ole Sein

It was 9 years ago today that I lost my father – the most amazing father a girl could ever have! Thinking about it now is a stark reminder that we are all here for a very limited time and our loved ones will miss us oh so dearly when we are gone.

I miss everything about my father.

Born from very humble beginnings, my father rose to greatness through education and hard work. He was a quiet, humble man of incredible patience and discipline. So disciplined was he that it was synonymous with his name, and his work ethic was second to none. From him I learned the value of hard work.

An educated man and a voracious reader, my father encouraged us to pursue an education, a higher education. He made sacrifices to ensure our lives were enriched and we lived a better life than he did.

Jason Kirruti Ole Sein
Jason Kirruti Ole Sein

Throughout his life, my father was very active in various non-profit organizations, and happily shared his many skills giving back to the community. He saw nothing extraordinary in his years of giving a helping hand. I proudly see his legacy on a daily basis when strangers come up and tell me what he did to help them.

I miss his humility, his work ethic and his honesty.

But I know he lives on through the characteristics I see in my nephews and nieces.

You were a great man, Jason Kirruti Ole Sein – Missed but never forgotten!

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  1. Rarin,
    What a tribute. What a dad he was. He is not gone – for he continues to breathe and pulse through the progenies he left behind, whom he shaped and hewed to become the true reflections of the life he would have continued to live if he had eternity to do it.

  2. Thank you for posting this wonderful memorial. We are so sorry that we didn’t get to know him.

  3. Dear rarin

    I met and worked with your dad when interned and later worked with saltlick. I brought northern maa people to rimpa estates to see m experience improved breeds. Got some pictures of him in marsabit, Laikipia.

  4. Don’t forget to mention that he represented the maa nation in 1962 Lancaster constitutional conference alongside john keen n rurumban from samburu.. They pushed the British government to respect maasai land issues n return maasai land before independence

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