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50 Book Challenge 2012

Although am a regular reader, I wanted to start this year by challenging myself to read more hence the 50 book challenge.
Rules of the challenge are:

1. Read 50 books in 2012.
2. A book must be at least 50 pages long.
3. Re-reads count
4. If you started the book in 2011 and you finished it in 2012, then it doesn’t count towards the 50.
5. If a book has two books in it it counts as two.
6. No rules on what to read, besides what’s listed.
7. Most important is, this is for fun.

Please feel free to join me! Let’s start reading.

My first read of the year is Little Bee by Chris Cleave.

Happy New Year!!!

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03. January 2012 by Rarin
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