.NET Development Environment for MacOSX

I have been primarily doing all of my .NET projects on my Windows machine but lately, since I use my Mac for everything else, it has become a chore to switch back and forth. The easiest way to handle this would probably be to install something like Parallels Desktop or use Boot Camp but it would mean I would have to buy and install Windows, which would go against my ultimate plan to ween myself off Windows. A look around the interwebs led me to Mono“an open source implementation of Microsoft’s .Net Framework” Bingo! So here are the steps I took to create a .NET development environment on my Mac OS X v.10.6.7.

  1. Download and Install the latest version of Mono.
  2. Download and install the latest MonoDevelop IDE.
  3. Create the basic Hello World program to ensure that everything was installed correctly
  4. Visit the official Mono site for more information.

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