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Office Politics

Office politics is intentionally designed to acquire and maintain power outside the formally recognized organizational power system to the benefit of either individuals or sub groups within the organization. Although office politics is often given a negative connotation, it’s part and parcel of organizational life and needs to be recognized and taken seriously. Examples of office politics include :-

  • Trying to win favors by praising others for their work.
  • Intentionally withholding information or spreading misinformation.
  • Inappropriately placing blame on others.
  • Developing relationship with influencing people within the organization.
  • Resisting authority.
  • Intentionally by passing the chain of command.

Despite what you might think, everyone probably plays office politics from time to time. Office politics is a reality with a huge effect on organizational culture and some people make an entire career of playing politics without ever doing any work. The most likely to be most political are those that are quick to say ‘I don’t play politics’! while the least likely are those that are top performers.

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14. March 2011 by Rarin
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